Final Praise and Update! August 13th, 2007

First I must thank everyone for all your prayers. God certainly heard the "cries of His people" as you have stood so faithfully in intercession for me.

I went into surgery on May 9th. There were still some concerns in the surgeon's mind about possible complications and the spread of cancer throughout my intestines. Even though there were no indications of this, he said he would not know until he got inside. If it had spread, he would not be able to reconnect my bowels.

But God had given me such peace.

All year I have been studying a different name of God each week. How interesting that the very week before my surgery I would study Yaweh Rophe - The Lord Who Heals!!! Just a few days before my surgery my reading for the day included the verse 2 Kings 20:5 - "This is what the LORD, the God of you father David, says: I have heard your prayers and seen your tears; I will heal you." Even as I write this I am overwhelmed by God's presence and His personal assurance to heal me. What a mighty God we serve!

The preparation for surgery began 2 days before as I had to do a very significant bowel cleanse. I will spare the details but needless to say the night before the surgery was sleepless. I was up and down all night but was encouraged by the thought that in just a few hours I would be asleep for hours! In my sleeplessness I prayed for the surgeon. I prayed for a good night's sleep for him!

God gave me assurance that he was hearing me once again as the first thing the surgeon said to me when he walked in was that he had had 10 ours of sleep that night! That was the last thing I remember until I saw him when I awoke. The next thing I remember was the surgeon standing by my bed telling me that the surgery was a complete SUCCESS and that NONE of the possible complications that we had discussed were there! He was able to reconnect my bowels and there was no visible evidence of cancer anywhere. And believe me he went looking.

He gave Brad a detailed description. He said he went on a cancer search. He actually stretched out my intestines and looked them over then put them back in place. He took biopsies all during surgery and all came back negative. He also took biopsies that would be sent for further, more accurate, evaluation - 14 Lymph nodes, tissue coming right up to the tumor site as well as in other locations throughout my bowels and abdominal cavity. The final biopsy report showed everything NEGATIVE!!!!!!!!

What a mighty God we serve!!!!

My estimated stay in the hospital was 10 days - I was released in 6 and was able to attend my girls dance recital just 8 days after surgery!

Recovery has seemed long and slow at times. But when I get impatient or discouraged I just remind myself of where I have been and how far I have come and that I am on this side of it all!!!
I am focusing right now on building my body back up including my immune system, as well as my liver, kidneys and bladder which have all been greatly stressed through the onslaught of chemicals put in my body- from chemo, radiation, to anesthesia, pain medication, catheters etc.

I continued a pretty intense nutritional protocol through it all which I know helped me tremendously.

My first speaking event was just 3 weeks after surgery at the Richmond Virginia Home school Convention. I struggled with discouragement as I tried to prepare to speak. Would anyone still want to listen to me after all I had gone through? Would stressing the importance of eating healthy diminish my faith in the supernatural healing that God had done in my life? As I sought the Lord for His wisdom and peace He so graciously answered my prayers. He spoke so clearly to my spirit that His hand was in it all. He said to me "Don't you see that it was I who led you to this way of eating 17 years ago" Then I was reminded of one of the doctor's comments to me as I questioned him on how this could happen to me.

He speculated to me that, probably ,had I not changed the way I was eating so many years before, that I would have been in this place 10 years sooner. Wow, I remembered how God had healed me then, as I had struggled with bowel issues for most of my life until changing to REAL BREAD. God then reminded me that it was Him that had shown me, so very lovingly, the spiritual roots of my physical infirmity. He also reminded me that it was Him that had lead me every step of the way through my pathway of healing. From the doctors, nutritionists, surgeons and my precious church familiy of prayer warriors who never gave up - He was in it all. So to stress one aspect was not to diminish Him in any way but reveal His concern in all areas of our life. I was led to share that day all that God had done in my life both spiritually and physically. It was an incredible experience especially since over 200 people came to my workshop to hear me speak!!!! How blessed and humbled by God I was that day and everyday.

It has been 3 months now since surgery and I am almost back to full speed. I do tire easily and so I am trying to pace myself. When I have a full day it seems I have to have a rest day.

This week I am studying the name of God - Yaweh Roi - The Lord is my Shepherd.
"Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for YOU ARE WITH ME"!! Psalm 23:4 (empahsis mine!)

I will teaching my first cooking class in almost a year on Saturday August 18th. Hope to see some of you there!!!

Thank you and God Bless you all.
Sincerely, Sue Becker


Good News!!

Sue went in to surgery yesterday (5/9/07) to remove the tumor. After several hours, Brad got a great report from the doctor. There did NOT appear to be any signs of cancer anywhere else, but the Dr. took several samples for biopsy in the coming days. There was some collateral damage to the small intestine from the radiation treatments; otherwise, everything looked good. Sue will be in the hospital about a week as her reconnected colon heals and they make sure everything "works"!


Praising God for a Good Report

After much consultation I was advised to seek out a different surgeon. There were some concerns that there may be complications in my surgery and the resection of the tumor may require a more specialized surgeon.

My appointment with the new surgeon however left us shocked to say the least. After reviewing my CT scan done in the hospital he was seriously concerned that the tumor had invaded my bladder. He began to discuss the possibility of not even being able to remove the tumor or having to take my bladder as well. I could not believe what I was hearing. He ordered an MRI, which I had done on April 13th. My MRI results were to be reviewed by both the board of surgeons and a team of radiologists at Emory University.

On Sunday April 15th, I desperately needed a touch from God. During our worship service I felt the desire to just go kneel at the altar. I just wanted to worship at the feet of Jesus. I felt like the woman needing to press through the crowd and touch the hem of Jesus' garment. I resisted going for a few minutes as there was no call to come to the altar so I would be very noticed. But God continued to nudge me forward. As I went I grabbed the hand of a sister in the Lord who desperately needs a healing touch from the Lord as well.

As we knelt at the altar I boldly cried out to the Lord and presented my very specific request. I needed a miracle. The next thing I knew people were around us praying. The pastor came over and prayed. It was powerful!!! When I finally got up to return to my seat I noticed that the whole altar was covered with people who had come forward to seek God's touch as well. Our pastor was in tears as he felt the sweet move of the Spirit.

I came home and began watching the Visual Bible - A dramatization of the book of Matthew. It is awesome. As the leper came to Jesus and said "if you are willing you can heal me". The actor portraying Jesus looked right into the face of the leper and said "I am willing" It was as if the Lord was looking right at me. "I am willing"

God continued to encourage me through out the week and I have gotten stronger and stronger since that day. My strength is improving and I almost feel normal again (Brad says I was never normal - Ha, Ha)

On Monday, April 23, the surgeon finally called me with their conclusions.

There is NO bladder involvement and only a slight chance of bone involvement which could be easily taken care of with surgery. They saw no other complications and my surgery date is set for Wednesday, May 9th. Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!

I continue to pray that I will soon be fully recovered as I am ready to get on with all the Lord has in store for me to do.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. I love you all.
To God be the Glory!!!

Sincerely, Sue Becker