Hello Everyone!

It is great to be able to give you this update personally.

I first need to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for all the cards, gifts, flowers, calls and most importantly the prayers. I have never felt so loved!!! They each seemed to come at just the right time. Words to speak to my heart when I needed to hear them the most, flowers to brighten my day when it seemed a little gloomy, calls to cheer me on in the battle, and prayers-- always needed!!!! Thank you just does not seem adequate.

I am recovering very well from the surgery and and all that I went through dealing with the extensive infection. It has seemed slow at times and I get impatient to feel like "my old self" again. I got the flu right before Christmas and that really seemed to set things back as it took me 10 days just to get over the fever and sore throat.

I do struggle with some pain and nausea that comes and goes, so I seem to have "good days" and "bad days" but only from a physical stand point. All my days have been good spiritually, as the Lord has been so very close to me and spoken to me in many ways. It will all one day soon be part of the bigger testimony of His love that He is working in me that I know He will want me to share.

I am in a holding pattern at the moment waiting to have some final diagnostic tests. In the mean time I have chosen to use an herbal formula as treatment, as well as several other supplements. After investigating many alternative treatments I felt such peace about this program. The herbal formula was specifically designed to treat cancer.

After much prayer, I feel such a sense of God's healing power and know that He is with me in this battle. I have prayed that this tumor would be cursed just as Jesus cursed the fig tree, that was all lush with leaves but was producing no fruit (much like the tumor growing in me) Matt. 21: 18-22. He cursed the fig tree and it shriveled up at once and died. The next day the disciples marveled that the fig tree was dead and ask "How is it the the fig tree has withered away all at once?"

The doctors tell me they have to shrink the tumor (i.e. radiation/chemo) before they can remove it. When I have the final scan to look at the tumor again to determine treatment it is my prayer that they will say "How is it that this tumor has shriveled away all at once?"!!!!!!!!!

To God be the glory!!!!!!!!

Sue Becker


Thursday 12/7

Sue is recovering from the surgery, even came by the office after a doctor's visit on Tuesday!

She goes to the oncologist on Monday 12/11 for evaluation and more testing. Please keep not only Sue and family in prayer, but the doctor(s) who will evaluate and make recommendations for Sue's treatment


Thurs AM

Sue finally got to go home Wednesday! It took all day for the doctors to make their final "inspection" and get all the IV's unhooked, but she's home. Sue and Brad are studying the options for treating the tumor.